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BlochHouse Media

Jim Bloch the owner of BlochHouse Media created this residential facility following the closing of Waveworks Digital Media in July of 2005. Jim wanted to provide his clients with the same high quality service but at an affordable and fair rate. Jim was the CTO and supervising sound designer for Waveworks and previously with Soundwave Inc. His 25 years of experience ranges from simple narration records to full television series.

Some of Jim's production highlights include:

Mixing of USA Today's "Weight Loss Challenge" an eight part reality show series, airing on the WE network.

Production of "The Business of Government Hour" a weekly radio program featuring conversations with government executives. Produced by the IBM Center for the Business of Government.

Production of The Washington Post's daily "Content Radio" spots

Production and Streaming of live worship services at Memorial Baptist Church.

Supervising sound designer on "America's Most Wanted"
from mixing the pilot to over 450 episodes.

7 Channel Record, Mix, Production and Installation of the soundtrack at the Mt. Vernon 'Threashing Barn'

1988 International Monitor Award for Audio Post Production

Hundreds of radio and video spots for political candidates.

Design and installation of 13,000 sqft Ballston facility

Design and installation of 8,500 sqft McLean facility.


BlochHouse Media
5713 N. 19th Street
Arlington, VA 22205

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