Remote Recording/Production

In-Studio Production

In-Studio Production

The BlochHouse Media facility offers a full range of audio services, such as:
ISDN Narration Recording
Audio Design and Mixing of Radio and Video Productions
Audio file creation and compression
PodCasting production and posting
CD creation and duplication
Large Sound Effects Library
Music Library Services
Radio spot distribution via FastChannel Network


BlochHouse Media has put together the top tier in audio production equipment, featuring:
Digidesign Pro-Tools HD digital editing system
Digidesign Pro Control mixing surface.
Waves Plug-ins
Genelec monitoring system.
BetaCamSP or Quicktime lock to pic
Tascam DA-88 recorder
Telos Xtreme ISDN Codec
Telos Digital phone hybrid
CD,DAT,and Cassette Recorders